Day 1: Our Authentic Self with Samantha Wills

Watch our interview with Samantha here

“Personal style is an externalisation of the soul.”


~ Larkin Grimm ~

Today, let's commence the journey to rediscover our authentic self

We often counsel our friends, children and partners to “just be yourself” – as if this task were easy!

Today many of us find ourselves living in a cookie cutter society where we are taught to conform to any and all trends – social, fashion, nutritional and more – regardless of whether they align with who we are and where our values lie.

So often, conformity is valued over individuality and this is exactly why trends sell so well! They complement our cookie cutter society perfectly.

Trends can make the voyage of getting to know ourselves extremely difficult, as they promote a culture of ‘fitting in’, and as a result, make everybody look and act the same.

We have allowed our individuality to be undermined for too long now, and it’s time to rediscover our authentic selves, and if we so choose, use style as a vehicle to display this proudly to the world.

Todays Task


Today is simply about observing.

In order to do this task properly, set aside some space for yourself. Both physical and mental space. Let your family or roommates know that you are taking some time out and you will see them in an hour. 

So grab your style guide and work your way through pages 4 to 7 - download here if you haven't already done so.

Further to this, I want you to also think through the following:

1. Think back to the last 24 hours; 1 year; and 10 years... and jot down when you felt most 'alive'?

2. What comes naturally to you?

3. As a child, what did you love doing?

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“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say

and not giving a damn.”

~ Dore Vidal ~

“It’s quite incredible to think, that we might save the world through fashion” – Vivienne Westwood

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