Day 3: Our Existing Wardrobe with Kate Patterson

Today, let's talk about what lies within our existing wardrobes

A fundamental step in defining our inner style is becoming reacquainted with our existing wardrobe, as this forms a big part of who we are and will likely represent past chapters of our life. Today, we will take our time to acknowledge these chapters, and then reformulate an exciting new direction.

I have gone into much more detail in my book if you would like further guidance in this department, but as we have limited time today, we will be taking a few short cuts. If you have any questions though, don't hesitate to ask me in our Private Facebook Group.

“A perfectly edited wardrobe can set you free. You will need less, and buy better.”

~ Garance Dore ~

Todays task

Today we are going to get reacquainted with our wardrobe, while simultaneously doing a closet cleanse.


I have outlined the steps below as a guide, but feel free to tailor accordingly.

Don't forget to jot down your findings in your style guide on pages 16-18

1. Prep work

This is a hands-on exercise, and before starting you will need to make sure you have the following:

  • Six boxes labelled:

  • Full length mirror

  • Some good tunes!


2. Let's go

Throw all clothes in the centre of your room and go through each garment one by one, following the flow chart below.  



3. Review those outliers

You now have your 'keep' box and it's time to do one last review and see if there are any outliers that you need to remove.


What is an Outlier?

Take a hard look at the garments you have decided to keep and see if there are any pieces that feel out of place and disrupt the cohesiveness of your wardrobe. If you find any, we call these garments ‘outliers’.

Maybe you have a fur jacket, but you’re passionate about Animal welfare. Outlier.

Maybe you have a fluoro shirt, amongst a sea of pastels. Outlier.

Maybe you have some suede-tasselled boots reminding you of your long-lost boho phase. Outlier.

Blogger Lee Vosburgh suggests looking for: “Outliers in terms of colour, pattern, shape and style.”


Chances are, your outlier symbolises a style you like, but aren’t fully comfortable trying. It’s time to make a choice... do you want to explore this colour, pattern, shape or style further, and introduce more pieces like this into your wardrobe to complement it?

A) If yes, keep

B) If no, remove


Now is also your chance to notice whether you have a pattern of buying a number of garments in the same theme. Is there a certain colour, pattern, shape or style that dominates your wardrobe?

Journalist Kat Collings suggests that you may have purchased these items again and again because: “They make you happy and feel comfortable. They are your style sweet spot, if you will. As long as the item is flattering and works for your current style, we say viva la repeat offenders!”

Keep these garments in mind, as we will revisit this later on in the Symposium (Day 5) when we talk about adopting a Signature Style.

4. Organise your wardrobe

Do I organise by colour? occasion? style?


Stylist Kemal Harris has a system where she separates her work and play clothes: “I keep high-end designer pieces –things that I would wear to an event, or to sit-ins with clients, or during fashion week – on one side. On the other side is my everyday weekend wear, like vintage rock T-shirts, jeans and hoodies. Also, in my own closet, as I would for a fitting, I keep all the pants together, all the blouses together, and all the jackets together.”


Stylist Rachel Zoe on the other hand says: “Arranging everything by color has always worked for me. There are no absolutes when it comes to coordinating your looks, as long as you devote yourself to a system.”


Personally, I like to categorise all of my clothing (both hanging and folded) into sub-categories spanning tops, bottoms and dresses. I then I take it one step further and organise them by colour.

5. Find a new home

Today we spoke to Kate Patterson from the Good Stuff Market, you can view the interview here

The Good Stuff Market is one great option we have access to when finding new homes for our preloved garments, and it's so simple - they even pick the garments up from your home!

If you have any questions around this process, Kate will be in our Facebook Group today to help.


Please join us in our Private Facebook Group for further discussions

“It’s quite incredible to think, that we might save the world through fashion” – Vivienne Westwood

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