Day 4: A Fresh Perspective with Iona MacLean

Today, let's talk about finding a fresh perspective

Over the past three days we have been laying our style foundations, doing some soul searching and gathering lots of information. As a result, we should now have a better understanding of our true self, body shape, skin tone and lifestyle, as well our existing wardrobe.

Today we are going to take a step back to discover some fresh inspiration in the form of both a mood and a muse.

A Mood.

When I was a designer creating a collection, I would first determine a particular mood I wanted to emulate. Then I would search far and wide for inspiration, from nature to artists, colour to interior design, architecture to movies – almost anything! From this, I would create a physical mood board.

I would then hang this mood board over my desk, so I could constantly refer back to it to ensure the collection was cohesive and did in fact reflect the mood by the end.


Have a role model.

Ok, it can seem pretty childish to think like that,
but it’s been tested and approved (by me) and IT HELPS.

It helps with consistency, and consistency is the key to any wardrobe that rocks."

~ Garance Dore ~

A Muse.

Finding a muse can help you to find and develop your own style. They’ll help you set somewhat of a standard for yourself. A muse can also encourage consistency – by intentionally thinking about said muse when shopping and asking yourself “would X wear this?” you’re forced to filter potential buys so they’re cohesive.

Don’t limit yourself to one muse, either – I have a few. I like to take elements from each, then use my imagination and create my own individual style.

Fashion is everywhere. Everywhere!
Flowers are fashion to me, the sky is fashion, my garden is fashion.

My darling, the Sistine Chapel is fashion.”


~ Anna Dello Russo ~

Todays Task...

Today, you are going to create two inspiration boards, one labelled Mood and one Muse.

You can create these inspiration boards the good old-fashioned way, by grabbing some magazines, scissors, a corkboard and pins, or opt for an online platform such as Instagram, Pinterest or Photoshop. Any avenue is absolutely fine though, so pick your preference, engage your creative soul, and let’s get going!

As Samantha Wills suggested, all you need is 8-10 great images. Don't go down that all too familiar social media rabbit hole. 


Let's start with our Mood board.

Firstly ask yourself: “what kind of mood or vibe do I want my style and wardrobe to portray?”

Next source images that summon the spirit of your style. These could be atmospheric photos, quotes or words, materials, colours, drawings or even interior design photos... basically anything and everything that appeals to you.

Note: avoid pinning outfit photos here – save these for your next board.

Next let's create a muse board.

Now is the time to hone in on the detail by finding yourself a muse... someone who can also pull of that vibe.

Stylist Rachel Zoe recommends: “look to anyone whose style you admire. It could be a friend, colleague, sibling, or celebrity... Be sure to immerse yourself in your icon’s style.”

When exploring a muse, make sure this experience isn’t oppressive – don’t get caught up in the comparison game. The purpose here is not to compare, but to be inspired. She/he is one person. You are another. No comparing allowed. This should be a soulful journey where you allow these people to inspire you. If you find yourself comparing and feeling down on yourself, STOP. Put down the magazine, and instead, grab yourself a piece of blank paper and take note of how you feel and more importantly, why. This information can assist you in setting some goals of your own and further understanding your values. 

“I think accepting who you are in the shadows of those you admire and seeing the difference, and being able to live with the difference, is the beginning of self-acceptance.”


~ Leah Hennessey ~




Now that you have your mood and inspiration board, take a step back and head to page 21 of your style guide where you can observe and jot down a summary of what you have created.

“It’s quite incredible to think, that we might save the world through fashion” – Vivienne Westwood

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