Day 7: The Ripple Effects with Dr. Lisa Heinze

Today, our final day, let's talk about the ripple effects we create when we find our inner style

Today we are going to discuss the beautiful and significant impacts we can have on our planet and people, when we find our inner style.


When I started to define my inner style, I found my buying habits naturally shifted: 

~ I found myself slowing down and considering each and every purchase carefully; 

~ I found myself willing to invest in threads, considering the CPW (Cost per wear) over the RRP; and

~ I found myself eager to invest only in quality garments.



SLOW: When the speed of our purchasing slows down, we create ripples...

For when we slow our purchasing down, brands will in turn slow their production speed. No longer will these brands need to produce a collection every two weeks but instead, they can go back to designing a seasonal collection and carefully producing it in an appropriate timeframe.

This of course will remove the unrealistic expectations on factories and their workers, which means we see more ripples.

Factory owners will have more time to properly treat and discard their waste water according to law. 

Workers will no longer need to work that all-too- familiar 12-hour, six-day-a-week schedule and instead they will be free to go home at a safe and reasonable hour and enjoy time with their family...

And when quality time is spent with the family, even further ripples are created that positively impact the entire community.

INVESTMENT: When we are willing to make investments, we see even more ripples formed...

First we will see a dramatic change in our relationship with our wardrobe

We will also stop viewing our clothes as disposable and stop contributing to our enormous textile waste (23kg per person) each year.

And when we invest in our clothes and commit to wearing our garments 30 times instead of five (the fast fashion average) we will significantly reduce our carbon footprint; in fact, extending the average life of our clothes by just nine months could reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by 20-30%!

QUALITY: When we are willing to preference quality over quantity, the ripples continue...  

Firstly, we will quite literally feel the difference on our skin.

Brands will respond by producing less and therefore instead of creating over 100 billion pieces each year, they can go back to producing 20 billion... which is what they did just 30 years ago.

And when brands produce less, fewer resources are required. This will help to confine our demand to the one planet we currently have, rather than needing more!

No longer will the fashion industry require two trillion gallons of water each year from our planet while 844 million people don’t have clean water to drink.

Nor will the fashion industry need to use 145 million tons of coal and well over 70 million barrels of oil (which is what it takes to produce a year’s worth of polyester alone).

Plus the textile industry will no longer discharge 300,600 tons of COD (Carbon Oxygen Demand) each year.


And the last task, for our last day...

A superior sense of style does not evolve without a lot of thought and strategy.


One practical tip I can suggest is to create a shopping list.

A shopping list will help remove that anxious feeling we can all have felt as we walk around the mall looking for ‘something’ to buy, but we aren’t quite sure what that ‘something’ is.

“The key is to walk in knowing what you’re looking for and,

more importantly, what suits you.”

~ Louise Roe ~



Make sure you make your shopping list as detailed as possible. Thanks to the process you’ve recently been through this past week, you’re no longer just looking for ‘a top’, you are looking for a shirt that fits your style profile, falls neatly within your colour palette, has a V-neck to accentuate your assets, plus tucks nicely into those black wide leg pants you bought and teams well with that other green skirt... (Which currently has very few partners).

So head to page 30 of your style guide and start your shopping list.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for joining me in our first Style Symposium.

I really hope you found it of value and now have a detailed style profile that you can add to, update and refer to as needed. .

Nicole x

“It’s quite incredible to think, that we might save the world through fashion” – Vivienne Westwood

 © 2020

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