When it comes to fashion... you have the right to know the full story of each garment you purchase.

Many retailers choose to leave this story behind... don't let them fool you!

You hold the power! Not them!

Oh wow... check out this fully beaded dress for $100!


Ooo yeah... check out this $2 polo shirt... I may as well grab 5!


And these jeans... I absolutely adore them...


I don't want to make fashion into this overwhelming beast that you can't tackle... becuase you absolutely can!

There are just a few things, I would love to draw your attention to when shopping...

BEADING - what on earth is wrong with beading you must be thinking... minus the do not swallow caution... surely beading, being so beautiful is AOK!?

Sadly, in many third world countries, they use child labour when thrown a beading task.

That doesn't mean you need to stop buying beaded threads, but you should be aware of where it comes from and who is sewing them... My recommendation is ask the shop assistant. LIkelihood is if they don't know, then neither does the CEO.

CHEAP - now we have all asked the question... "How on earth do they make this for so cheap?"... The answer is they can't!

Someone is paying and it's definately not us!

When you consider what goes into that $2 top.. starting from the cotton farmer, right through to freight... not to mention the profit margin that these retailers demand!... $2 is NOT sustainable.

JEANS... mmm... denim... I love denim and whilst it demands a lot of water to, denim is not my concern... it is the sandblasting that ocurrs after the production.

The sand what?!

Sandblasting has been trending for a few years now... you know... where jeans look like they are 100 years old... the torn and worn kinda look...

Well yes, I have to agree, that I like the look... but is it worth someones life?

Yes, you heard me correct... The process of sandblasting causes silicosis which leads to lung fibrosis and emphysema. Is it worth it? My opinion? NO!

Say no to Sandblasting!

If you like the worn out look... do it yourself... it's simple! check out our gorgeous friend Faye Delanty - Founder of the Fashion Hound TV - who has made this video to help you - click here

Shopping is a Political act.


“It’s quite incredible to think, that we might save the world through fashion” – Vivienne Westwood

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