Decluttering your wardrobe

Who better to ask than Sally Gardner from Utter Declutter, on some tips on how to declutter your wardrobe?

A few tips on decluttering your wardrobe:

1. pull out everything you own

2. give your wardrobe a good clean

3. figure out how much capacity your at eg 140% full and then aim to get to 75%. Which means your getting rid of almost half. So for every one you keep, you have to chuck another one.

3. create 3 piles - toss, keep, and maybe - you will find that by the end you will probably throw out all of the maybe ones.

4. put back the things you know you will use.

5. deal with the other piles immediately - donate, swap, gift... try your very hardest to continue it's lifecycle

And remember... you're aiming to fill on 75% of your wardrobe.

- Get some cheeky thin (space saver) hangers to help your cause :)

Check out this video as well... heaps of helpful tips (despite not solely focused on your wardrobe)


“It’s quite incredible to think, that we might save the world through fashion” – Vivienne Westwood

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