Women wear 80% of their wardrobe only 20% of the time!

With this stat under our belt we looked at our wardrobe and it became blatantly obvious why.

All those special occasions where we splurge and buy that amazing (and maybe outrageous) outfit... of course, only to wear it once due to being so outrageous that we could never wear it again...

Thus... with the stat and the evidence... and the realisation that this really isn't cost effective, sustainable or sensible... we looked into the concept of Renting.

Massive in the US with Rent the Runway... and taking off here in Oz... this trend is here to stay and we are absolutely sold!

We asked our friend Roxy, from Dress for a Night for some more info:

"You are standing in front of your wardrobe. We will call it "your wardrobe" because your boyfriend only has one tiny corner of it. It is filled to the brim with clothes, dresses, coats and remember those cute shoes you bought? Yet you feel like you have nothing to wear to your cousin's wedding in 2 weeks.

Did you know that most women only wear 20% of their wardrobe for 80% of the time? You are not alone. Most of us feel like we "have nothing to wear" and we get addicted to the buzz from wearing something new.

This is where the idea for dress hire and the business concept for "Dress for a Night" was born. At Dress for a Night you have everything to wear!

Why would you pay full price if you only wear it for a night? Dress hire is the smart and sustainable choice. Not only do you save your money, you are also doing your bit to save the environment. No longer is your wardrobe cluttered with dresses that will inevitably end up in the bin or donated to charity. If you are anything like me, I love a good wardrobe cleanse. I love throwing out anything that I have not worn in the last 12 months. (Confession: I currently have a pile of clothes in the hallway to take to Salvos). My heart breaks that little bit every time I throw out a dress I have only worn once. I just don’t feel like I got the full value out of the $498 I bought it for. Dress hire reduces this waste by proving a sustainable choice to access designer fashion.

Did we mention that dry cleaning is included in the hire price? Dress for a Night partnered with one of Sydney's best green dry cleaners to make the cleaning process as environmentally friendly as possible.

At Dress for a Night we offer you the latest selection of cocktail and evening wear for a fraction of the price. You simply browse the collection online at or why not pop into our new North Sydney store?

We love seeing our customers face to face and hearing all about your occasion. You get our quick tour of the collection of dresses in store and we provide you with some recommendations on what we think will look fantastic on you. You are welcome to try as many dresses as you like in our newly renovated store.

We work directly with the designer labels that we stock (incl. Nicholas the label, Elle Zeitoune, Rodeo Show, Shakuhachi just to name a few). The great thing about working with the labels is that we get to know their signature styles and how they fit different body shapes.

So next time you receive an invitation to a special event, we hope you consider your fashion choices. Join the moment and hire your next designer gown instead of buying it. The environment and your wallet will thank you for it (so will your boyfriend, for having more space in your wardrobe). We love talking all things sustainable fashion, email us at

Xx Roxy"


“It’s quite incredible to think, that we might save the world through fashion” – Vivienne Westwood

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