Sell it

After sorting through your wardrobe, no doubt you will have become reaquainted with those past loves.

Yes they are beautiful. Yes they have a memory attached. Yes they were expensive.

No you won't wear it again.

So why not sell it?

It's important, when looking at what to sell, to also look at the cost v's benefit.

Cost - The time spent putting the garment up online, selling, packaging etc...

Benefit - What you sell it for ... $$$

So... my suggestion would be donate generously and then those pieces that you really feel like there is benefit in selling... do it!

A few avenues to do so include:

Our absolute favourite however is Bountye...

Easy. Efficient. And we adore the fact that you can donate items to charity.

Here is Emma from Bountye with a little more info...

"In line with The Helm Society’s ethical approach to fashion, Bountye helps you buy, sell and discover pre-loved goods. Using the free mobile app, you can list items to sell without cost or effort and buy from people nearby through a secure payment system. They’ve also built communities that connect people who share interests or locales.

In the same spirit as #febfastfashfast, Bountye’s resident graphic designer, Elle, has taken on the overwhelming task of simplifying her life by clearing out her cupboard. She won’t be buying anything new for a whole year and adopting a one-in-one-out policy. By using Boutnye to pass on pre-loved items, Elle is minimising waste and skirting the consumerist world. Pre-loved wears don’t have to collect dust in the closet, they can go to new owners who will wear and care for them. The app even provides the option of donating sale proceeds to charities!"


“It’s quite incredible to think, that we might save the world through fashion” – Vivienne Westwood

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