Often I hear the plea that ‘I can’t afford clothes that are made ethically’.

I feel a shift needs to occur in the customers mindset in order for them to see the other side. The side, where you analyse each piece of clothing, not by the RRP, but by the CPW (cost per wear).

In this scenario, where we determine what we buy by its CPW… our wardrobe becomes something of a vision … one that you would see Carrie walk into on Sex and they City.

One that is clean, collective and conscious.

Filled with hundreds of possible outfits - each piece working seamlessly next to another ten or twenty

Yes, your wardrobe may be only 75% full… but it looks like a curated piece of art.

This dream wardrobe is a result of planning, researching & curating.

It also comes from investing in timeless pieces that will last the test of time and trends… and yes, they might cost a little extra.

So, back to ... I can’t afford it.

Right now, the average American buys 67 pieces of new clothing a year.

I would recommend buying maybe one item a month, and I would also recommend increasing your clothing budget.

So first step, set yourself a household budget and dedicate yourself 10% of your income to clothing; currently, we spend less than 4% but less than 100 years ago, we spent 17%.

Now you know your budget and now its time to look at the CPW.

CPW formula

RRP / Times you will wear = CPW

Take a tee – a $60… wear it 30 times – it will cost you $2 a wear.

Apposed to a $5 tee that you will wear once … therefore costing you $5… you are in fact better off investing in the more expensive tee.

Likely you will be able to hand the more expensive tee down as well, keeping it from landing in landfill, which really is our whole aim.


“It’s quite incredible to think, that we might save the world through fashion” – Vivienne Westwood

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