Hang TEN at the Hanger

Cheesy? Yes.

Memorable? Hopefully.

The Purpose? To get us to think more seriously about our purchases.

Why? Because we believe the benefits will be 10 fold.

Firstly, it will result in a totally amazing wardrobe that you will be incredibly proud to strut around in.

Secondly, the people involved in making your threads, plus our planet, will be eternally grateful that you have taken time out to think and consider them.

So here we go… Hang TEN.

T – Thirty times?

The golden rule is to only invest in a garment if you know you will wear it Thirty times.

Yep, Thirty times! I know it sounds like quite a lot… and let’s be frank, it is!... especially when you buy that ultra-out-there top, totally in trend, but won’t remain in trend for another week, let alone another season.

So next time your at the hanger, hang ten, and ask yourself, will you wear this item thirty times?

This is often determined whether or not it is Timeless and built to stand the Test of Time.

E – Ethically made?

With controversial stories hitting the front page of the newspapers every other day, it’s important to ask the question – who and how are my threads made?

As the customer, your purse holds the power and you deserve to know the entire story to each piece of clothing you invest in.

Sadly, a lot of brands are not forth coming with this information; therefore it is up to you… (Annoying? Yes!)… to do a little research prior to leaving the house.

With this knowledge, you will know which brands you can trust, want to support and ultimately have peace knowing exactly where and how your threads were made.

N – Need it?

Simple, yet hard to answer… because we always ‘need’ a beautiful dress!

My challenge for you, is to first get reacquainted with your wardrobe and secondly plan ahead.

Once you know exactly what you have, you will be able to see exactly where they gaps lie?

Beautiful tailored pair of trousers but no yummy turtle neck to team it with? Then… go out and buy that.


“It’s quite incredible to think, that we might save the world through fashion” – Vivienne Westwood

 © 2020

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